Your instructor's credentials include: 
He has been as programmer and software developer for most of his adult life. He has created Virtual Reality (VR) experiences for education. He has programmed a robotic arm for fiberoptic cable switching in data centers. He has maintained websites for start companies including one crypto currency company.
He has updated business computer systems that run business both large and small including a milling machine factory, entertainment and DVD manufacturing, and running an on-site and online conference for educators to discover games for learning in colleges, K-12 education, business, commerce, healthcare and military.
In his youth his family traveled extensively on international vacations. He can tell you stories from his travels. He has learned from his travels that there are many ways to solve problems, not just one 'right' way. So, he loves hearing you describe how you like to solve problems your way.  

Darius Clarke

Your instructor has developed his teaching philosophy that your time spend itn school and spent learning is for you to "see invisible things" such as social and physical forces, principles, processes, and systems around you. It's as if we're giving you 'super-vision' lases to see invisible things wherever you're at. Except, the glasses are in your mind and memory.

Why would you want 'super-vision' glasses? Because power comes to you from seeing what others cannot see.

That's why we pay engineers a premium to desing bulings with the structural and material strenght the is stronger that gravity which tries to pull the ceiling down to crush us. They can see those forces that we can't, but are there every day.

We want to empower you in the same way.

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